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What is Toenail Fungus

Having a toenail fungus infection can be quite an irritating and uncomfortable condition. The situation worsened in the case that you do not know how to treat it, how to prevent it or worst of all do not even know that you have a fungal infection. In this read, you will get a better insight on toe infection so that you can identify it at sight and can know the necessary treatments and preventions steps to take so that you can start putting on your sandals and enjoy healthy toe nails.

So what exactly is a toe nail infection? In layman’s term, it is a condition whereby a type of fungus feeds on the keratin on your toe nail. This fungus mostly infects the big and small toe causing discoloration to the nail and pain experienced. This type of infection said to be hereditary as you may realize they infection is particularly prevalent in a certain family.

So none of your family members have ever complained of any toe nail infection and yet you have one? You should not be shocked, keep in mind that there are a number of causes japanese toenail fungus code review, hereditary causes being just among them. For one, exposing your feet or rather toe nail to moist environment too often is a major cause of this infection. This is mainly because such a moist environement is suitable for the fungus making it thrive. This explains why the infections is most common among sport men as they sweat a lot in their shoes leading to an infection known as the Athlete’s foot which ultimately causes the toe nail infection. Wearing wet socks is also among the leading causes of the toe nail infection. Still, you should keep in mind that it is a fungal infection; this means that it can be acquired through contact with infected person.

Treating a toenail fungus infection is quite easy. In fact, there are quite a number of effective home remedies which will only require you to use ingredients available at home. For example, you can use vinegar to take care of the toe nail infection. You only need to soak your feet in vinegar for 20 minutes daily until the infection disappears. There are a number of such remedies that are quite effective. Still, you should have the infection first checked by a medical practitioner before you take such measures.

Alternatively, you could visit the pharmacy or rather a health center and have medications prescribed for you. One mistake that majority make is stopping their medication as soon as they see the infection getting better. This is highly advised against as the infection is likely to reoccur once more, therefore, ensure you get through with your dosage.

In case you have never had a toe nail infection, you do not have to wait until you get it to start putting the above measures in to action, in fact, it most advisable for you to prevent yourself from the toenail fungus infection by adhering to the following rules:

-Always dry your feet thoroughly after taking a bath
-Put on open shoes more frequently
-Avoid sharing footwear

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