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Four Best Internet Security Tips For Internet Users

The world of internet is a big world filled with men and women, young and old, black and white alike. When it comes to numbering the internet users today, almost one third of the world population is on the internet.

Nowadays people are very busy on the internet because the Internet is developing very fast and new technologies are continuously bringing more options to users in the form of entertainment, education, communication, news, marketing, engineering, information, finance and business to mention few. Internet has been developed to cover almost every part of life and profession.
Most people, especially the computer literates can’t do without the internet in their daily living. Though the internet comes with great benefits, but at the same time the internet comes with some risks for people using it. This is an article sponsored by Gather

In my previous article on this blog Five Best Internet Security Tips for Kids I stated that most kids on the internet are not safe, every Parent out there must be aware of this. But it is not the kids alone that are at risk on the internet, but the old and mature are at more risk than the kids. In this article I will be listing out four best internet security tips for every internet users. These following security tips are the best four tips that will keep your safe online.

#1. Protect Yourself

Protecting yourself is the first tip for secure and safe internet. Don’t be a fool as many are on the internet, thinking that cybercrime is a technical problem with a purely technical solution. This is very wrong the antivirus or anti spyware on your computer can protect your computer, but they won’t keep you and your identity safe if you give it out to the wrong people.

You can protect yourself in this following ways

> Use a good password (unique and complex) and do not share it with anybody

Keep you passwords private and create ones that are hard to “crack”. Don’t use a name or a dictionary word as your password. Never share your passwords with your friends or be tricked into giving them away. Do not use your login name.

>Never give out your name, address or phone number to people you communicate with on the internet without know who you are really talking to

Strictly hide your whereabouts and never reveal which town you live in, and never post photos that could provide clues about your location.

> Having a secure Internet account is advisable, be it email or social media network

Don’t try to gather all your mails and social media network in one place because it comes with different risks. Your primary email is the mail address that you use mostly in all things that you do on the internet. Understand that Email is not secure even without the use of encryption; email can be intercepted and read without your consent

>Prevent identity theft, do not give out financial account numbers

Never give out your social security numbers, driver’s license numbers or other personal identity information unless you know exactly who is receiving it.

#2. Protect Your Computer

Some people on the internet don’t use internet security suite because of wrong information they have gathered from people that some internet antivirus are not good for the computer. That is totally wrong. If you want a safe internet, plain antivirus is just not enough you need an Internet security suite, like Norton 360, Norton Internet Security, avast, Betdifender and more on all the computers you own.  You need a full firewall, antispyware, and other protection a suite can provide. The internet security suite will help you detect, disable, or remove viruses, spyware and other potentially unwanted software. Anti-virus software can detect and destroy computer viruses before they cause damages, for an antivirus software to be effective, you must keep it up to date.

A lot of people don’t update their computer thinking that it has no or less impact on their computer. To stay secured on the internet you must keep your computer updated at least every week. Install all security updates as soon as they are available, automatic updates provide the best protection. After installing the updates don’t forget to restart your computer for the updates to start working, if you don’t restart your computer after installing updates, some of the updates will be inactive.

 #3. Protect Your Files

Internet security this day is no joke because of the high ranking hackers out there that keep stealing people files and information from their data base. Use an Anti-spyware Software so that hackers or unknown people cannot lurk on your computer and potentially steal your information or files. It is very funny that anyone can get access to your computer and copy all your private files without you knowing. But with an Anti Spyware on your computer your files are safe.

Backup your files. Reduce risk of losing important files to a virus, computer crash, theft or disaster by backing up your files. Save copies of your important documents and files to a CD, DVD, flash, USB drive, or online backup services that you can trust. Test your back up and keep your critical files in one place on your computer’s hard drive so you can easily create a backup

#4. Protect Your Internet

Use a Firewall. An Internet firewall is like a moat around a castle, creating a barrier between your computer and the Internet. Most popular operating systems have one built in. Check to make sure it is on.

A firewall is software or your hardware that checks information coming from the Internet or a network, and then either blocks it or allows it to pass through to your computer, depending on your firewall settings. Even if you think there’s nothing on your computer that would interest anyone, a worm could completely disable your computer, or someone could use your computer to help spread worms or viruses to other computers without your knowledge.

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